I'm Julianne. In 2018, I left corporate life to indulge color, curiosity, and hope. J Harris Art was born to create custom fine art for homes and families around the country. Whether you're looking for a pet portrait, an art lesson, or something totally new and unique, I'm excited to create something with you

As evidenced by my variety of work, I am constantly exploring new styles, subjects and mediums (with my ever-present Vizsla sidekick, Copper Penny). Maybe one day I’ll settle on a unique voice. Until then, I hope one of these "voices" speaks to you. 

If nothing else, my work is a testament to the latent talent that lives within us all, and the fulfillment that comes from exploring even the most flippant curiosities.


Stay curious, my friends! Wishing you a journey that is just as colorful and full of intrigue as painting is for me. 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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