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My First Art Show

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I had no idea how much sweat equity my first art show would demand – how many backbreaking hours of framing, listing inventory, pricing, working with printers, finding transportation for the paintings that didn't fit in my car and hauling 63 paintings to the gallery… good God almighty, I worked hard for the money. So hard for it honey (that I need to quadruple my prices). But it was worth all the sweat, and possibly a few tears because the reception I and my work received over the last month has BLOWN - ME - AWAY.

If I had any expectations for this show, it was that maybe a few people would walk through the gallery on their way to something else. A few friends would do me the courtesy of stopping by. Maybe a few scoffs. Maybe a few sales. The bar of expectation was so low that I barely even bothered to look for it. My only hope was that I’d have enough art to fill the space.

Well, my friends, miracles happen. The walls were filled and so were the halls on the day of my opening reception. Never, and I do mean never, did I imagine so many people would show up for me. 5 years ago when I moved to Dallas, I was a nobody from nowhere, and to have so many people show their support has humbled me beyond measure. To everyone who helped me prepare for the show, came to see it, referred their friends to me, supported me from afar and/or bought a piece of my art, thank you!! You all are a testament to the community I’ve been fortunate to cultivate here in Dallas, and an affirmation that maybe, just maybe, I won't starve as an artist.

The show came down yesterday, but fewer than 30 pieces came home with me. The idea that over half of my inventory has sold remains incomprehensible to me, but I do know that my heart has grown 3 sizes this month thanks to all the love I’ve received.

As for the remaining pieces, they will hang in Café Izmir throughout November, and if you like Mediterranean food you simply MUST go. But please let me know when you do! I’ll meet you there (mostly because I’m addicted to their hummus, but also because I’d love to see you).

Grateful and humbled!



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