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Acrylig with gold + bronze leaf on canvas - unframed


My dad told me once "never to be too busy to watch the sun rise or set." Coming from a man with one speed ("go"), it surprised me so much that this little piece of wisdom echoes 20 years later. 


For better or worse, this apple didn't fall far. I'm always on the move, always to-do-ing, but when I catch the sun in her rise or fall, I hop off my smoking hamster wheel to bask in her glory. It's not always because I want to. Often it's because my dad said so all those years ago. Sometimes I'm a right grump about the 4am alarm clock and the frigid, dark hike up a mountain or down a beach... and on those days, she pulls out all the stops... all the birds, dolphins, deer, dew drops, cloud formations... just to remind me that she's worth it. Every time. 


So, I echo... "never be too busy to watch the sun rise or set." She's worth it. 


*I originally painted this live in collaboration the @thewellnyc, but something was off. Adding a little gold and bronze leaf gave it the warmth and dimension it called for.

Here Comes The Sun | 16"x20"

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