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How I Became A Painter

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

For 28 years, I lived by the playbook. I played the sports, got the grades, and held the stable jobs. Because average is just not my style, I strove to do more, be better and learn everything. By 2017, I was officially doing "all the things" - softball, singing, painting, writing, traveling, working full time, managing at least 10 freelance clients at a time and caring for my special needs dog (who is also the cutest). I medicated against burnout with yoga, but when being a yoga student wasn't "enough," I signed up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training. (I still don't know where I found the time for that. Apparently I'm also a magician).

In short, I had been spinning my wheels for everyone else's reasons and losing myself and my sanity in the process.

After wrestling with a long list of excuses (healthcare, stable income, best coworkers ever, etc.), I finally took responsibility of my life and its course. Waiting for growth opportunities had become so exhausting that I left my full time job to pick up the paintbrush. The canvas is blank and the search for identity is real. This adventure can only go up from here, but I'm happier to live in hopeful instability than to continue waiting for something, anything, and most likely nothing to change.

Today I turn 29, and my birthday present to myself (aside from this website - which, like - go me! who knew I could build a website??) is the ownership of everything that may or may not pan out. I feared that this path would be a lonely one, but as it turns out, I have a small army of people who support, encourage and buy (thank you, Jesus) my work. To all of you, I am greatly indebted and vow to pay it forward. Your faith in my ability has led me here, and I'm excited to see what the future will paint!



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